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Everybody likes to work in a clean and sanitized environment and TSG understands it completely, it is also a fact that the health and well-being of a personnel begins with a clean and sanitary environment. The Spain group offers custodial services that are based on proper training of personnel to industry standards, the high quality standards according to the contract requirements and customer expectations and satisfaction.

The Spain Group provide a complete spectrum of custodial services, beginning with janitorial services to provide complete custodial care including building safety and security. Our main services are: janitorial services, cleaning and maintenance services, event support services, floor care and restoration, disaster response and recovery etc. If we talk about today’s world, now a day’s commercial maintenance management for custodial services today has become highly complex. Now a days there is no place for an unskilled worker or organization in custodial industry and TSG knows it very well. We gathered highly experienced staff and trained them according to the new spectrum of custodial services so that they can deliver high quality service to our customers. We continually stay informed through industry associations of emerging requirements that affect occupant health and welfare and mauled our training program accordingly in order to provide high quality service. Qualified professionals managing these resources and insuring compliance of established current cleanliness and safety criteria by competent trained staff are the foundations of our service.

It is our goal to innovate new and improved techniques and systems to improve custodial service day by day while utilizing environmentally friendly products in job performance. We also engage new drills on daily basis and provide high quality training to our personnel by empowering them through training tools, equipment, and best selection of commercial products and technology for superior quality and job performance. All these steps make our staff better than others and also there experience and skills enhanced day by day which eventually results in high quality service for our client, as our client’s satisfaction is the number one priority for TSG. We develop and implement new solutions on daily basis in orders to meet with the increasing production needs in better way.

Service Categories

Maintenance and implementation from our educated and highly experienced staff professionals can assure the timely completion and operational support necessary to meet your objectives and goals in a better way.

The complete custodial service spectrum that we provide can be break down in the below mentioned services:

  • Recurring Janitorial Services
  • Project Cleaning & Maintenance Services
  • Event Support Services
  • Floor Care Maintenance and Restoration
  • Disaster Response and Recovery
    • Public Health & Safety Storm Response
    • Storm Recovery
Professional Staff

Our custodial service providers are professional and educated, they can overcome any emerging situation on the spot through their experience and hard work.

Quality Products

We use only high quality certified products in custodial services that are harmless to the environment and provide exemplary results at the end.

Certified Staff

We hire only certified and experienced custodial personnel for the job, as they can deliver high quality service that will exceed our client’s expectations.

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