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What We Do

The Spain Group covers complete spectrum of ground base operations support services. The Spain Group takes their job very serious and we take every contract responsibly, we ensure that the services provided by our team will exceed your level of expectations and will always be up to the mark. We specialized in offering comprehensive project management, administration, facilities management, grounds maintenance, janitorial services, logistics management, and support services to government entities at all levels. The Spain Group is not just a website like many others, we are a proper organization and we understand the importance of reliability and quality of work very well. Our professionals work tirelessly to ensure that all services and products provided by TSG meet or exceed the strictest standards of quality and compliance. We always focus to provide best possible solutions for government requirements. Our team of highly experienced professionals come up with new and improve methods to deliver exceptional customer service, from the initial consultation to the final delivery and installation.

We categorize our capabilities into few major functional areas, our capabilities clearly and effectively meet the requirements of our customer. These services are described below, you can learn further about them by browsing through their dedicated pages.

Project Management

The Spain Group, specialize in providing a proven system methodology and the project management expertise which are designed to manage large scale complex contracts and projects as well as adhoc prototype developments.

Logistic management & support services

The Spain group is specialized in handling
quality services through full spectrum Quality Assessment and complete implementation
and systems management. Our specialized categories are: Procurement, supply chain
management, inventory management, warehousing management, and many more.

Facilities operations & Management

Our Facilities operation and management service includes many types of services such as: Research and technology development, environmental engineering, construction management, subcontracting and joint venture philosophy and many more.

Postal & Packaging services

The Spain Group have a very strong physical and electronic distributive service, combining with our logistic support we become dynamic solution to managemail, products and materials as well as delivering and communicating information. 

Administrative Management

The Spain Group, administrative labor services are specially designed to support our customers in managing flexible, professional, and qualified labor. To fulfill the dynamic needs for administrative management support can be costly but very

Custodial services

The Spain Group provide a complete spectrum of custodial services, beginning with janitorial services to provide complete custodial care including building safety and security. Our main services are: janitorial services, cleaning and maintenance services, event support services, floor care and restoration, disaster response and recovery etc.

Ground maintenance

Commercial maintenance management for grounds services is a very complex job now a days as there are many factors one should keep in mind. Our Qualified professionals are specially trained to manage and meet rigorous standards and established
system of training and communication.

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