The Spain Group, specialize in providing a proven system methodology and the project
management expertise which are designed to manage large scale complex contracts and projects as well as adhoc prototype developments.

The Spain group is a highly recognized organization in project management, we are known for our proven system methodology and project management expertise to manage small and large scale
complex projects and contracts including adhoc prototype developments. The basic criteria of managing project management is by utilizing written performance metrics. TSG’s philosophy for performance is to measure on monthly intervals followed by quarterly and half yearly inspections to assure contract performance and compliance. The matrices that we follow are established corporate criteria and custom project criteria allowing our team to develop a customized approach that is
beneficial for our client’s needs. Our combined 5+ years of governmental contracting experience and private sector experience includes management and operations in complex controlled environments including the management of facilities and systems utilized in payload processing operations.
The defined and Specific project management criteria is identified initially during the preproposal phase for TSG and is measured and targeted for the whole life of any project.

Our Training Systems

The Spain Group aims to maintain highest possible level of employee training through instructional performance, for this we utilize industry recognized quality training programs in all areas of performance. Our criteria is to only hire the certified trained instructors or computer based trained professionals only to carry out our project management services. We utilize standards as defined by
recognized industry associations and federal regulations as our main goal is to focus on performance and safety. We regularly monitor our staff’s performance by utilizing predetermined corporate metrics & Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) in order to improve their work by each passing day so that they can
deliver only the best project management services to our clients.

Professional Staff

Our project managers are highly professional and educated, they are trained to tackle complex emerging problems in the field through their experience and hard work.

Quality Products

We use only high quality certified products in providing project management services that are user friendly and can provide exemplary results at the end.

Certified Engineers
We hire only certified and experienced engineers for project management services, as they can deliver high quality service that will exceed our client’s expectations.

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