The Spain Group have a very strong physical and electronic distributive service, combining with our logistic support we become dynamic solution to manage mail, products and materials as well as delivering and communicating information. The Spain group believes that the key to become a successful postal and packaging service provider is the reliable delivery of information, this is where we excel. In today’s world, the job is not only to deliver physical mails and parcels but you have to keep up with all the data of all the steps electronically so that the customer is informed about the status of their package. All the steps from start to stop such as, shipping, delivery, packaging and even crating services should be electronically updated. TSG has been working in this field for more than 5 years now and we have been improving our self by each passing day, in the field of physical distribution we have the knowledge and expertise to establish internal and external mail routes and delivery services as well as manage the packaging, crating, shipping and delivery of materials. In the ever emerging and updating field of electronic delivery we have keen security measures to ensure safe effective delivery of large amounts of data. We never compromise on safety of any data that has to be delivered through our service. At TSG we only authorize our qualified and experienced professionals to manage and perform both types, physical and electronic, this ensure the timely, reliable and safe delivery of information to its customers.

Our Postal and Packaging services

TSG only hires and trains qualified, professional and experienced individuals to handle its postal and packaging services in order to ensure that only high quality service is being delivered to our customers. Our experienced professional staff can assure the timely implementation and operational support necessary to meet your goals and objectives in better waySome postal and packaging services that we provide are mentioned below:
1. Mail Services:

o Mail Pickup, Processing & Delivery

Sorting & Processing


US Mail

Pouch Mail

Bulk Mail Management

Mail Addressing

o Mail Metering

o Contract Post Office

Postal & Packaging Services (TSG)
o Document Handling
Classified & Unclassified

o Schedule Distribution

o Courier Services

Routine & Priority

o Planeside Delivery

Preparation & Staging

o Postal Accountability Reporting

o Personnel Locator Information

2. Packaging & Crating Services:

o Protection & Security Packaging

o Custom Crating

3. Shipping & Delivery Services:

o Federal Shipping Regulations Compliance

o International Shipping Regulations Compliance

o Dangerous Goods Shipping Compliance
Professional Staff

Our postal and packaging staff is highly professional and educated, they are trained to tackle complex
emerging problems in the field through their experience and hard work.

Quality Products

We use only high quality certified products, licensed software in providing postal and packaging services that are user friendly and can provide exemplary results at the end.

Certified Engineers

We hire only certified and experienced individuals for postal and packaging services, as they can deliver high quality service that will exceed our client’s expectations.

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